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Trends in Private Equity and Roofing

Roofers Repairing Roof

In recent years, we’ve seen several trends in private equity emerge. Lately, firms seem to be increasingly drawn to the roofing industry, both in the residential and commercial sectors. This surge in interest highlights the potential for lucrative returns and the opportunity for consolidation, akin to what has occurred in HVAC and plumbing. In this […]

How to “Recession-Proof” Your Building Materials Company

Economists predict a recession will occur in 2023. Early preparation could be what propels your building materials company to fare above the competition. Here are some proactive steps you can start taking today. Preparing for a recession requires a proactive approach to risk management and a focus on optimizing costs and building strong relationships with […]

Recent Producer Pricing Index Trends and Expectations for 2023

Building Products Market Overview The building products industry has been on a roller coaster ride for the last few years.  The COVID-19 pandemic, an inflationary economy, supply chain challenges, and geopolitical tensions have caused movements across a variety of building products and producer pricing. When the Coronavirus pandemic spread around the world in 2020, many […]

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