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About League Park

We’re a boutique investment banking firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.


We advise clients on ways to maximize shareholder value.

We assist middle-market companies with transactions that generate value through mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, capital raising, and outsourced corporate development.

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Why choose League Park?

Our core values and industry expertise set us apart. You’ll notice a difference in service off the bat. We’re wired to go the extra mile and are ingrained in the sectors we represent.

When you work with us, you can expect the best.

A financial outcome is only one of many measures of success when making deals. It’s equally important for us to do right by you and our core values.


Exhibiting an optimistic, collegial, fun, and winning attitude


Approaching our work in an ethical, authentic, honest, and courageous manner


Solving problems by employing a fresh approach to each situation


Realizing that we are here to serve others in everything we do


Conducting ourselves in a professional, diligent, relentless, and no-excuse manner

Specialization creates expertise

Though we have done deals in many industries over the years, we’ve found with focus comes a substantial competitive advantage. Here’s why.

  • We have the capacity to ingrain ourselves in the industries we serve. 
  • Right-sized relationships are formed with financial and strategic partners.
  • Bankers pull from extensive past experiences to form optimal strategies.

Our three focus areas

Other industries served

We’ve gained experience in several other verticals, including consumer, healthcare, technology, specialty distribution, and more along the way.

What drives us

We are inspired by people who make things and fix things.  We think they are the backbone of America.  

We are motivated to deliver the best outcome for our clients.  Most have dedicated their lives to the success of their business, and they count on us to guide them expertly through the investment banking process.  

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The History of “League Park”

Our name means a lot to us because of our Cleveland roots and our ties to Baseball. 

We Love Our City

League Park was a fixture in Cleveland, Ohio, in the early 1900s. Over its lifetime, it hosted the early Cleveland baseball franchises, the Cleveland Browns, and dozens of other teams. It even hosted the 1920 World Series and Babe Ruth’s 500th home run.

It has seated generations of hard-working Americans, all drawn to Cleveland for a better life.  Today, our company reflects the values of those Americans.  We are hard-working.  We are adaptable and respectful.  We never take for granted the privilege each client engagement represents.

Advising The Cleveland Indians

Our founder, Sean Dorsey, has had the privilege of working on numerous assignments for the prior owner of the Cleveland Indians.  Sean helped Mr. Jacobs to purchase the Indians, finance what was known as Jacobs Field, negotiate a major league baseball credit agreement, take the Indians public, and ultimately sell the Indians.  Due diligence was rigorous. Attendance at spring training, regular season and postseason games, and fantasy baseball were required. All while assuring that “the hot dogs were hot and the beer was cold” were unique attributes of those deals.  All kidding aside, these are moments that we still have fun with at League Park.

Cleveland Baseball team

Cleveland Indians at League Park in the 1930’s

League Park 1935

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We have over 60 years of experience optimizing strategic outcomes for our clients.

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